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Some may say that blogging is dead and Instagram is where you should be investing all your time. I actually beg to differ. If you read the terms of service on Instagram, you technically don't own the photos share on there, but if you have your own blog, you own everything. Over the years, I've learned a bit more about blogging and I'd like to share some tips on those of you who want to improve your blog. I'm no expert and I've definitely made some mistakes in the past, but hopefully this will help some of you who are struggling to get your blog to look more professional. 

This is the most common mistake. Make sure all your photos and text align to your margins. I see a lot of landscape photos being wider than the portrait photos. It generally makes your post seem messy and unorganized. Just make sure to export the photos with the same width as your landscape photos.

We're in the age of really amazing photography so there's no reason why your photos should be pixelated. The standard width should be at least 800px. I've also seen blog logos pixelated as well. Make sure to google the standard size for your blog so it makes everything look more professional.
There's a common misconception that labels act as tags (something that boosts your SEO), but this is not true. Your labels only exist for you and the reader to find a topic easily on your website. Keep it at a minimal because then it becomes too confusing. Just use them like how you would for organizing your folders.

This one is a little more difficult to tackle since there are only so many universal fonts that are automatically stored on the computer, but try researching fonts that are timeless. It's also best not to use more than 2 fonts (or colors) in 1 post unless if you're a typography expert, then by all means, go crazy. If you need font advice, skim through the pages of your favorite magazine. There are a ton of inspiration there.

Let's face it. Coding is hard. I completely understand. I took a C++ class in college and almost failed. However, I think in order to blog better, you have to learn how to code a little bit. If you really can't, then hire someone to do it. You don't want the typical blogger template because it makes the blog look amateur. Research your favorite websites. Jot down notes of why you like them and show them to a web designer. Believe me, your readers would love it.

Lastly, pay someone to do the things you can't. Not everyone is a jack of all trades. You might be good at coming up with content, but you're probably not the best photographer or web designer. Obviously, if you didn't have to waste your time on editing mediocre photos or trying to learn how to code, think about how many hours you could be spent just planning out your editorial calendar and coming up with creative stuff. Your time can be also spent on researching and contacting PR companies. Imagine if Chriselle Lim never had a team to help her out. Youtube videos wouldn't exist. Video editing is a whole different beast. If you're serious about your blog, invest in people that can take you to the next level.

Also, you can buy the embroidered floral dress that I'm wearing here. CECloset carries really unique, one-of-a-kind items and the quality is really beautiful. Check them out if you get a chance!

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  1. Awesome tips from you Maggie! Besides reading your tips, I'm captivated by your photos ~ that floral dress looks so dreamy on you! I'd beg to differ on mistake 1 though because a portrait photo that occupies the entire width of the screen (like a landscape one) requires more scrolling. It looks HUGE on my screen (esp for those close-up portrait shots which can be scary) & hence I will purposefully resize my portrait photos so that I wouldn't inconvenience my readers with too much scrolling.

    xx Aldora

    1. That's a good point Aldora. I think instead, to make it look neater, you can put the 2 portrait photos next to each other just so the alignment is better. Or you can do what Levi Nguyen does in her blog posts. :)

  2. Thank you so much for all of these tips. I honestly didn't know all this information about aligning the photos or labels at all so good thing you shared this! I definitely need a web designer! I really love your dress here! Absolutely gorgeous !

  3. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Thank you for your Tips Maggie, you know so many things that I never heard before:) Thank you for your Helpful Post:)
    I will Definitely use some of yours and Improve what I can:)
    That Floral Dress and the Photos are sooo Beautiful:) Love it so much:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  4. Thank you for your tips. It's always useful to learn more and in the future I would read more about this kind of posts.
    Your embroidered dress is awesome I have a similar one .

  5. What amazing tips love! I've come a LONG way from the beginning and wish I would have read a post like this from the beginning! Coding is something I'm not great at BUT I have forced myself to learn basics. I don't want to have to rely on my web developer for everything. I'm all about hiring someone to help you within reason but I will say in the beginning not having a team was really key in my drive to get better and learn but there comes a time where it's absolutely necessary! I can't imagine my hubby still taking my photos. I can be so much more creative with someone who actually enjoys photography! I love your dress and the dreamy imagery you've included! You look absolutely magnificent! I always enjoy reading your post!

  6. You look superb in all pictures..

  7. Totally agree with you. Having your own place on the internet is very important. Noone can guarantee you that your Instagram won't be compromised or something. But your blog is a safe spot you can easily rely on. All the things you've mentioned are very important, especially the Typography and the Coding. But when you do it with pleasure, then it does wonders for you and you get used to it. All in all, thanks for sharing these amazing tips! And by the way, this floral dress is an absolute masterpiece!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  8. Thanks for the inspo babe! I couldn't agree more and this is such great advice!
    Invest in people that can take you to the next level, this is so true! I need to get better at that myself!
    Also, these photos are stunning and so is this beautiful dress!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for sharing this post. And while I do agree with some of the things you posted I don't think that Instagram is entitled to any of your content. It actually says the opposite in their terms. But I digress.I definitely think it's good to hire someone if you don't know what you're doing. It's a lot of work and coding can be confusing if you don't know much about it. Great advice on the photos too! Nothing bothers me more than blurry photos or an overacting theme! Haha

  10. This was a very well-written and comprehensive post of some easy fixes that anybody as a blogger can incorporate. I appreciate how you are honest and say it is definitely okay to outsource the things that are too difficult to learn on our own. On that note, do you have recommendations on who can help with coding? I have been learning to code here and there as well, and it is certainly no easy feat. Did you create the layout to this post yourself? I'd love for you to share a post on some of your go-to coding tips and tricks. I also appreciated your tips on image quality and dimension-matching- very simple tools that are quite often ignored. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention how gorgeous that dress is! That embroidery is simply stunning, and I'll be sure to check out CECloset for some more special finds such as your look Thanks for sharing!

    xo Soo |

  11. I only recently learned that inputting tags on posts is a big waste of time and it's terrible for SEO purposes. Ever since I took that class, I have stopped tagging brands in my blog posts and it does save a lot of time! I suck at coding, so I have a web designer who does all of this for me lol. On another note, very nice floral dress you're wearing here! Anything sheer has all my love :)

  12. Love this post Maggie!! You have offered some very valuable tips and ideas. I am such a perfectionist in all the things I do and I always check for photo sizes and alignment to make sure they are all in the right places. I need help coding and should probably hire someone that does it for me. Looking for recommendations, do you know anyone good?

    ~ xo Sheree


  13. You look gorgeous in that dress..

  14. That dress is so romantic, love it!




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  16. These are such great tips Maggie! I definitely need some of the encouragement because I have been pushing my blog to the side lately. Keep it up. =)

    The Mel Division


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